Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm about to give my talk at CodeStock, so I thought I'd post my content for the attendees and anyone else who is interested. We'll be doing an overview of RegEx, dive into some of the more advanced features, and also discuss how to create your RegEx so they're more maintainable by others… and you.  Feel free to leave comments to this post with your favorite RegEx websites, tools, etc., and I'll add them to the list.


  • The Regulator (free! ...but make sure you turn off intellisense)
  • RegexBuddy ($39.95, but well worth it.)
  • Regulazy (A free, interesting way to learn RegEx)
  • RegEx Cheat Sheet (Having this on your office wall may save you days of work over a lifetime)
  • Comment on this post and I'll add your favorite tools/websites.

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 Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I was getting 404 (Page Not Found) when navigating to our SVC files on our Windows Server 2003/IIS 6 boxes. After doing some research, it was suggested to run the following command:

ServiceModelReg.exe /i

Well, that didn't work for me; same problem – page not found. So I tried resetting the extension mapping manually and fortunately, it worked. Here's how:

Right-click the root "Web Sites" node in IIS Manager (inetmgr.exe)

Click the "Configuration" button under the "Home Directory" tab

Select the ".svc" row under the "Mappings" tab and then remove it with, well, the "Remove" button. Click "OK", "Select All", "OK", "Apply", etc. until everything is applied in IIS.

Finally, re-run ServiceModelReg.exe:

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 Monday, December 1, 2008

By default, Firefox uses a dotted rectangle to indicate that an object element has focus. Since Silverlight is implemented using the object tag, it also "suffers" from this behavior. To remove this focus rectangle, simply include the following definition in your CSS:

Here's the pretty version:


Does anyone have a good way to paste code into Word 2007 such that when the post is published, the code remains intact? Here's what I'm getting (which is close, but not perfect)


object:focus {

    outline: none;


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 Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last Thursday I presented my "Introduction to Silverlight 2" talk to the Memphis .NET User Group. This was the second time I have been fortunate enough to have a captive audience to present this talk to. I was able to "pilot" the talk to the FedEx user group a couple of months ago - while Silverlight was still in beta. We had a good crowd on Thursday and LOTS of great questions.

I've zipped up the sample code and the slide deck at the bottom of this post. The sample code does assume that you are running a local Adventure Works database. I prefer the "LT" version as the download is much smaller than the others.

Here are some of the links I referenced in the presentation:

Silverlight resources:

Some of my favorite examples:

Download: (2.41 MB)
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 Thursday, March 6, 2008

Presenter: Scott Hanselman

  • This is pre-release... keep that in mind
  • Creating a new project
    • Must select .NET 3.5 from the multi-targeting combobox
    • You can generate test against any testing framework that supports it (including NUnit/MbUnit)
    • System.Web.Mvc/Routing/Abstractions
    • Routing not under MVC - can be used outside of MVC
    • Abstractions also not under MVC - can be used for other Web "stuff"
  • Convention over configuration
    • URI determines which controller gets called
    • URI parts make up parameters that are passed to the controller
    • It's about alternatives.  You choose.  It's awesome.
    • "ALT.NET" (N*)
    • It's part of System.Web... it's not going anywhere.
    • Plays well with other N* stuff (Brail, etc. too)
  • Goals
    • Separate concerns:  TDD, maintenance
    • Extensible
    • Enable clean URLs & HTML
    • Great integration w/ ASP.NET
  • Rude Q&A
    • LOB - no, keep truckin' on WebForms
    • Front controller
    • Widgets? Component story?  "We're working on it..."
    • Yes, Ajax, no control toolkit (yes JS libraries)
    • Released when?  When it's done...
    • Is it safe?  What about security?
  • My battery is dying... over and out.
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