Friday, November 4, 2005


Windows Productivity

[11/14/06] Added web tools
[10/23/06] Link updates
[8/23/06] Added CSAH, SlickRun, Launchy, Colibri
[5/12/06] Added FileHelpers Library and Bug/Task Tracking
[5/11/06] Added CoolCommands, VS Productivity, and Business Frameworks
[2/28/06] Added WhyReboot
[11/9/05]  Added IE Dev Toolbar
[11/17/05] Added VS 2005 Snippets
[12/5/05] Added Beyond Compare (how could I forget?!?)
[1/24/06] Added Fiddler and WinSnap

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 Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I just read two great posts by Jeff Atwood and Brad Abrams about Boolean parameters.  Here's the readers digest version:

Next time you're about to use a boolean parameter in a method, don't.  Enums are much easier to read, especially when the code isn't yours.

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 Friday, October 28, 2005

When adding a item to your toolbox in Visual Studio from a network share, you may encounter one of the following errors:

  • Insufficient state to deserialize the object.  More information is needed.
  • The assembly '\\<assembly_path>' could not be loaded.  Check that any dependencies the file requires are installed.
  • The file referenced by the shortcut file '\\<assembly_path>' cannot be opened.

The problem is security.  Here's the fix:

  1. From the start menu, select [Control Panels] > [Administrative Tools] > [MS .NET Framework x.x Wizards]
  2. Click [Adjust .NET Security]
  3. Click [Next]
  4. Select [Local Intranet] and make sure the slider below is at "Full Trust"
  5. Click [Next]
  6. Click [Finish]
  7. Make sure you shutdown and restart Visual Studio before trying to add the items again.
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 Thursday, October 27, 2005

I've read several blog posts over the last several weeks about the direction Microsoft has gone in their product naming, but I thought that Chris Anderson summed up my feelings well: "yes, 'WPF' is pronounced 'Avalon'... the WPF is silent"

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Doing a lot of XML documentation?  Well, the QuickdocViewer VS2003 Add-In may be for you.  It allows you to quickly preview changes made the to documentation - very handy.

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